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Miffy XL


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Brand Mr Maria

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Sweet and serene, the MR MARIA Miffy XL lamp work as a nightlight for kids and adults alike. This charming light object by the talented MR MARIA exudes a soft, warm glow - ideal for storytelling with the young ones at bed time, or even as décor for any modern interior.

''Years ago this iconic bunny was set alight

Because her peaceful presence deserved to be bright

Now, Miffy is seen in every country

Sitting quietly with friends, shining and happy''

The MR MARIA Miffy XL version is 80 cm high a remote controlled LED module. With Dim, Wake Up and Sleep timer functionality.

Dimensions- 40x40x80cm

Made in the Netherlands 

Weight 5kg

Complies with NZ & Australian Safety Standards and fitted with NZ power points. 

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''In the dunes of a small village on the coast of the North Sea, lives a small bunny. This quirky little bunny named Miffy goes on all kinds of adventures with her many friends. Miffy discovers the wonders of life, friendship and fun.''


''Where there is light there are shadows, but there’s no need to fear. The elusive Mr Maria will always be there, keeping a watchful eye on his family shining bright.

We tip our hat to those who dare to jump into our adventure and to live in a world of fantasy and joy. MR MARIA welcomes anyone with the power of imagination, young and old, because only together the most beautiful tales can be told. Remember: the limits of your imagination are the limits of the adventures you will enjoy.

Follow the light of our iconic designs and they will guide you along the simple lines of their creation. Add your own colours and positive vibes and bring the modern shapes to life. In doing so, do keep in mind that MR MARIA is based on the virtue of innocence; a pure quality we handle with a wink but is to be guarded and kept safe.

Welcome our characters into your home to become family, their timeless peaceful presence will keep you company for many years to come. And if you dare, embrace a little mischief in order to see: the world of MR MARIA in all its glory.''