Organic Balm

$12.00 $9.60

NOC NOC Wooden Toys have created and handmade in small batches their very own Organic Balm.

The NOC NOC Wooden Toys Organic balm is composed of just 2 ingredients! No harsh chemicals added. This Organic Balm will help to keep your Wooden Toys and accessories looking like new, providing the added benefit of natural antibacterial & antimicrobial properties!

The Organic Balm also doubles as a skin conditioner for dry lips, hands, and body! Go ahead, toss this bad boy in your nappy bag or purse! 

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About NOC NOC Wooden Toys

NOC NOC Wooden Toys began life in January 2015 in Lennox Head Australia. NOC NOC Wooden Toys are continually striving to improve and meet your desire for quality hand made products. NOC NOC Wooden Toys desire to source a collection of hand-crafted, original bespoke wooden toys from around the globe, turned into a passion for creating their own pieces. With a lot of hard manual labour, they are securely locked into their own version of home studio manufacturing with a strong appetite for hand crafting their own quality toys.

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