Paper Friends (one left)

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Introducing Paper Friends by MRS MIGHETTO which is part of the My Tiny Theater collection. 

These special Paper Friends are the perfect item for any DIY enthusiast with great creative skills! 

The MRS MIGHETTO Paper Friends come with 4 sheets with 8 double printed theater friends that you simply cut out a be creative with.

Make your own wall decoration and attach them to the wall with tabs or adhesive pads. Make your own garland, decorate packages, make your own baby mobile, or several thousand other ideas we haven’t even thought of. Check out the images for some inspiration. 

You can view our entire MRS MIGHETTO collection here. 

... ''The old, forgotten house had been empty for a hundred years when the theater family first found it. It was their last hope. Rotten and utterly dilapidated, some nonetheless saw its potential. The theater group had no doubts at all – this was their new home, their stage and their venue to perform scripts based on their own unique gifts. The house was large enough and, most crucially of all, far away from their most dreaded enemy. It was the place they’d been waiting for. Finally, they could resume these vital roles they play. Nature, wildlife, water and flowers. Sleep, light, heat and an uncanny knack of making the right decision. Their magical talents had long been missed by the world, but now the only question was whether they could pick up where they’d left off.''


MRS MIGHETTO is a Swedish brand based in Stockholm that originated in 2014.  MRS MIGHETTO create prints/posters, books plus decor items such as wallpaper DIY mobiles and other decoration items nurseries and children room.  MRS MIGHETTO products are beloved characters who all get their very own name and magical personalities. Products are made from original paintings in watercolour and has been described as products full of fantasy, history and mystery suitable for kids, and their parents.

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