Subo Original Spout

By Subo

The original Subo spout is made from food grade silicon. It is a soft mouthpiece that has a 12mm diameter opening that allows for chunkier type foods like oatmeals, chunky yoghurts, and even tinned spaghetti!


Subo is a family company founded in 2012 and based in Melbourne, Australia.

Glen, one of Subo's founders, has a Canadian/Filipino heritage and excitingly, Subo has just launched in Canada.

Subo is dedicated to producing high quality, functional products for customers looking for innovative ways to make mealtimes easier.

Our product ideas are formed through our own experiences and are born from necessity. Our range is continuously growing and is supported by the philosophy that ‘life doesn’t need to stop at mealtimes.”

Size & Fit

Subo Food bottle – 210ml volume.

The Subo Food Bottle comes standard with 12mm diameter opening

Straw Spout is available to purchase separately in a 5mm size, suitable for under 2 years.