Yogasleep Hushh+



The Hushh+ is just like the much loved original Hushh, but with more sleep sounds, a wireless speaker, and a longer-lasting battery, the Hushh+ will lull your little one to sleep at home or on the go. Choose from 20 soothing sleep sounds or use the wireless speaker to create the perfect soundscape for a dreamy night’s sleep anywhere. The adjustable amber night light provides gentle illumination without waking your little one. For added convenience and portability, the Hushh+ can be charged wirelessly, and the long-lasting battery offers uninterrupted soothing throughout the entire night. With a sleek, water- and dust-resistant design and an adjustable silicone strap, the Hushh+ makes it easy for baby to get the sleep they need, no matter where they are.

    Features -

    • 20 Sounds: White Noise (including our signature Dohm Sound), Nature Sounds, Lullabies
    • Wireless speaker is perfect for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and additional background sounds
    • Volume Control
    • Adjustable, Warm LED Night Light
    • Battery lasts 20 hours and charges wirelessly or through USB
    • Play continuously or set the sleep timer for 45 min, 90 min, or 8 hours
    • Child Lock prevents little hands from pressing buttons and changing settings
    • Stylish and durable build is water- and dust-resistant
    • Silicone Adjustable Strap Included
    • Compatible with Hushh Travel Case (not included), 5VDC USB Power Adapter (not included), and Wireless Charger (not included)

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    Volume in decibels -

    • Max dBA at 30cm (12") - 79dB - Sound #1,Bright White Noise
    • Max dBA at 1.8m (6') - 69.2dB - Sound #1, Bright White Noise