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Birthday: May 3rd

I’m happiest when leaping across the magnificent grasslands, looking for the next adventure. When I’m faced with a challenge, I hold my head up proudly and say, “I can do it!” because the only way to see what we’re capable of is to try. So put your paw in mine, and let’s take chances!

Favourite quote: Let’s take chances.

Goal: To provide 1 million meals a year.



    • high stitch count for durability and softness
    • premium felt and knit details
    • safe + non-toxic: US + Canadian safety standard certified
    • available in little and regular size
    • signature 10 meal wristband
    • handmade in Peru using sustainable, fair trade practices
    Fabric & Care Guide


    • Hand knit with premium 100% cotton yarn
    • Stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be the ideal cuddle weight

    We're a family of five on a mission to help feed children in need.

    There's nothing we love more than being parents. We think nurturing our three children is the most important, rewarding and sometimes challenging job in the world!

    With a background in health, we recognise the crucial role nutrition plays in a child's development. As parents, we believe all children should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive, so when we saw a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of children around the world, it inspired us to help. On that day, we decided to start a company whose purpose is to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.

    We created cuddle+kind because we wanted to make beautiful hand-knit dolls that help feed children. So for every cuddle+kind doll sold, we give 10 meals to children in need.

    Size & Fit

    Available in two sizes, sold separately.

    • little 13"
    • regular 20" in height