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BIBS pacifier box is a multiple-functional product, that not only can be used for storing pacifiers when you are on the go but also as a steriliser box for microwave sterilisation.

  • Can hold up to three BIBS pacifiers
  • Comes with a pacifier insert that can hold one single pacifier
  • Can be used for pacifier sterilisation
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark
  • Pacifier in picture is not included
Care Information

BIBS Pacifier Box is a multiple-functional product, that not only can be used for storing pacifiers when you are on the go but also as a steriliser box.

Sterilise by scalding

You can sterilise both natural rubber latex and silicone pacifiers using boiling water in the pacifier box.

  1. Take out the insert and put the pacifier in the pacifier box.
  2. Pour boiling water over the pacifier, and make sure the nipple is submerged in the water.
  3. Let the pacifier soak for approx. 5 min.
  4. Pick it up and let it dry on a clean towel.
  5. If water remains in the nipple, simply just squeeze the nipple flat to press out the excess water
  6. Put the insert in after sterilisation to preserve the pacifier box's form

Sterilise by microwave sterilisation

We only recommend this method for silicone pacifiers - not pacifiers in natural rubber latex.

  1. Leave the insert in (or put it in immediately after sterilisation to preserve the pacifier box’s form)
  2. Add two spoonfuls of water to the pacifier box and place the pacifier in.
  3. Put the box in the microwave for approx. 60 seconds at max. 800W.

NB:Temperatures should not exceed 100°C. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  1. Leave the box to cool off before removing the pacifier.

Use with caution! Children should never be near the product when it is used for sterilisation!

Do not microwave sterilise latex pacifiers

We always recommend only sterilising silicone pacifiers in the microwave - not pacifiers in natural rubber latex.

The reason for this is that latex will break down if the temperature exceeds 100°C. Even though silicone endures higher temperatures than latex, our general recommendations are that to use microwave sterilisation you must check the manufacturer’s instructions about heat and watts, to make sure the temperature does not exceed 100°C.

Always remember to put the pacifiers in water in a sterilisation box made for the purpose. Never place the pacifiers in the microwave without!


BIBS is a premium Danish baby brand established in 1978. The iconic round colour pacifier was first created over 40 years ago. The original pacifier has been refined several times and more pacifiers have been added, and today BIBS covers all nipple types on the market. Whilst still focusing on our popular pacifiers, we are rapidly expanding our product categories, so we now offer a full range of baby essentials for you and your child.

From the beginning, our ambition has been to produce high-quality products in the best possible materials, delivered in an aesthetically pleasing design. With the highest regard for functionality, safety, and the environment, our wide range of products gives little ones a colorful beginning to life.

We are present in over 100 markets across the world and sold via more than 12,000 points of sale. BIBS products are loved and trusted by customers worldwide. Our story is one of passion and dedication, and we are proud to have grown into the international brand we are today.


Made of 100% safe and food-grade material